About Principles

Mar 2, 2021 14:17 · 221 words · 2 minute read

Everyone I know has made great observations about the world in their life. There is as much potential for wisdom in any of us as there is in the celebrities of thought that we are taught to revere in our schools. The difference is that our insights tend to get lost in life’s struggles and our own insecurity about our grip on the world.

Besides this, the ideas we form about the world are subjective in nature. They are all subject to change due to circumstance. Yet it is important that we expose them so that we expand the dialogue about the things we value and know. Reality or what we see it as is in my mind not an absolute, but rather a shared construct that we talk into existence.

My personal motivation is to capture my understanding of the world and how it changes. The things I write down are parts descriptive explanation, parts prescriptive aspiration. That is why I prefer the name “principles” over other names that better describe the short ideas and frameworks I share.

On this page, I will update my principles whenever I see fit and every year I will archive the current state. This way I create a special story of my life that captures the conceptual part of my growth as a human.

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