Master Thesis: Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Dynamic Climate Policy Games

View the full thesis here. Abstract Despite concerted efforts by researchers and policymakers, governments are failing to implement the global coordination needed to implement policies that could avert the disaster of unmitigated climate change. Existing economic models are often ill-equipped to capture the complexities of dynamic, strategic interactions among multiple agents. The research on international mechanisms such as climate clubs, for instance, is often limited to one-shot games due to the combinatorial explosion of sequential negotiation steps....

Rasa L3 presentation: Supercharging Conversational AI with Human Agent Feedback Loops

Here I talk about how to get the most out of your conversational AI and customer support by having your AI suggest likely responses and then training it on the selection that customer support makes. Links: Talk: Implementation Blog post: How to level up your customer support and AI using Airy and Rasa X